Making My Words Matter

Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading the book Speak Love by Annie F. Downs. In this book Annie focuses on the power of words and how we can make our own words matter. Whether that’s in speaking to others, ourselves, or to God. One of the things I have loved about this book is how real Annie is about the power of words and how she includes ways to use our words to create life.

I feel like God put this book in my hands at just the right time. Since diving into the chapters of the book God has put it on my heart to really start paying attention to my words. With graduation just around the corner, it’s also made me start thinking a lot about my relationships with other people and how I’ve hurt or helped, based on the words I’ve said these past four years. I’ve realized I have some apologies to make and some people to thank.

Words have always interested and terrified me at the same time. *Spoiler alert* I am really not good with words. I hate confrontation not because I don’t like fixing or dealing with issues, but because I am afraid that I won’t say the right thing, my words won’t come out the way I mean them in my head, or I just simply won’t be understood.

On the other hand, I have always loved writing. I have kept journals and wrote stories and lyrics for as long as I can remember. I find that when I write, somehow all the words come flowing out onto the page exactly how I hear them in my head. I also love writing letters. In fact, here’s a secret about me…back home I have a box full of letters that I have written, but never sent (Yes, I realize that sounds like a Taylor Swift song). I have always found it relieving to write a letter to someone with everything I’m feeling or would want to say, but don’t think I ever actually could to their face. Sometimes those letters are full of anger and accusations; other times they are words of joy, thankfulness, and random expressions of the way I wish things were different.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to write an open letter over the next few weeks to a variety of people. And I’m going to share these letters with you. I’m hoping that by writing more letters and sharing them I can build up the confidence to eventually say the same things (in love of course) to a face. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a letter. Or even write one yourself.


One thought on “Making My Words Matter

  1. Hey, these words are beautiful. You have always been good about it with me. I love you. PS. If I had your address, I’d write you too!!!


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